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Who Stole My Fruit?

Why are some relationships fruitful, while others are not? Why do some relationships work, and others don’t? The parable of the sower narrated by Jesus may give us a clue. I elaborated on this story in the video below, particularly as it relates to relationships. I encourage you to watch it. And as you do so, be open to receive whatever God is trying to convey to you. And feel free to share with others that you know can benefit from it.

The Matchmaker

Many single adults are trying to find a mate. Many of them have found this task daunting. Consequently they have sought different avenues to accomplish their quest. These avenues include friends, prayer, multiple dates, speed dating, online dating, matchmaking apps and professional matchmakers just to mention a few. But how effective are these approaches? Are any of them adequate to help a single adult Christian who wants to get married, find a Godly spouse? I addressed these questions extensively in a series of videos titled “The Matchmaker.” Here is part 1: